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The 6V-71 Blower

The 6V-71 blower is molded for stop light to stop light, tire-smokin' boost. The 6V displaces 327 cubic inches of air per revolution. It showcases great throttle response due to its 12” long, large diameter 3 lobe rotors. This allows for a slightly higher rotor speed, which gives a better signal to the carburetors. The recessed bearing plates are based on a similar design as our race blower, which allows for a cooler inlet charge and reduces the horsepower necessary to turn the supercharger.

The 6V offers a more affordable option for most street and mild marine applications. It has become an increased popularity for street applications due to its size. The 6V-71 case uses the same inlet and outlet, and bolt pattern as the 6-71, and fits the standard 6-71 manifold.

The “V” is in reference to the Detroit Diesel Blower which came on the v series engine as opposed to the 6-71 on the inline. We only use the rotors and gears and put them in a 6-71 style case to be used for aftermarket Hot Rod Supercharger intake manifolds.

(2005) 6V-71 Billet Case / Cast 3 Lobe Rotors (327 CID)

**All blowers will come polished by default regardless of case material (billet or cast). Satin finish (cast only) and black hard anodizing is available at an extra charge, but are not available through online orders. Please call (208) 985-7650 to place special orders.



  • Billet Case
    • CNC machined 6061-T6 Aluminum
    • Increased Strength over cast
    • Hard Anodized Interior
    • Mirror-Like Polish
  • 3 Lobe Rotors
    • 60° Twist
    • Remanufactured Cast Rotors
  • Billet Front Cover
    • Oil Level Sight Glass
    • Oil Drain Plug
    • Polished Pressure Relief Valve
    • Mirror-Like Polish
  • Billet Bearing Plates
    • Increased Strength over cast
    • Hard Anodized
    • Mirror-Like Polish



  • Designed for Street use
  • Great for Marine applications
  • Ideal for Small Block and Mild Big Block applications up to 502 CID

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Weight 67 lbs