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2019 TBS Catalog

The Blower Shop Open House

YOU are invited to come by The Blower Shop's Open House in Boise Idaho, on Wednesday, August 7 from 11am - 3pm. Just a few days before the Nightfire takes place at Firebird Raceway, The Blower Shop is located in Boise, just 28 miles from the raceway, a 35 minute drive. Come by for a

Boost Bio 9 - TBS 250 Low Profile Blower

The Blower Shop's Jacob Rogers talks about one of the many advantages of running a TBS Blower, and today we feature our low profile 250 blower and its many uses! Check out our other Boost Bios and subscribe to be notified about upcoming bios! youtube.com/theblowershop

Congratulations to Bucky Austin and Eddie Knox

An extremely close final round for the Good Vibrations United Nitro Funny Cars Spring Nitro Nationals between 2018 Series Champion Bobby Cottrell and Billy Morris. Cottrell wins as he passes Morris going into the lights.
Both cars run a TBS XR1 6-71 blower.

Brian Bednar and His TBS XR1 Blower

Congrats to Brian Bednar who qualified #1 in Elite T/D in the last two PDRA races. He runs a TBS XR1 blower that we freshen up for him each season. Runner up at the Maryland race last weekend and his car went red 1st round. Impressive to go #1 by a big margin at both


Blowers Since 1984

From our low profile 192 and 250 superchargers to the traditional, race and XR1 blowers, we build it all right here in the USA.

The Blower Shop began with the acquisition of Bowers Blowers in 1984. In the beginning, we primarily served the top fuel, alcohol dragster and drag boat market with race-ready high-performance superchargers.1

Today, we are dedicated to bringing that technology not only to the professional racing industry but to the street and marine enthusiast as well. Using our proprietary UDA technology, we manufacture a complete line of hand-built superchargers, intake manifolds, intercoolers, and components.

Check out the latest videos on our YouTube channel, including our weekly Boost Bio from The Blower Shop's very own Jacob Rogers as he discusses various features, designs and abilities that we have here at The Blower Shop, and available to you. 

On our YouTube channel you will also find how-to and instructional videos from owner Ron Hayes. Subscribe to our channel and turn on notifications to be alerted when we post new videos!




    5 star review  By far the best customer service I’ve ever delt with in the automotive industry. And their product speaks for its self. Superb workmanship and worth every penny.

    thumb Tyler Fleming

    5 star review  The best customer service and wonderful parts. Cannot recommend them enough!!!

    thumb Greg Means

    5 star review  Great company, product is the best you can buy and the customer service is above excellent. I wouldn’t buy from any other company

    thumb Richard Worthington

    5 star review  My last hope and they came thru with exactly what we needed for discontinued blowers.

    thumb Josh Stoll


Since the beginning of time, or at least since the beginning of superchargers, the GMC 71-series rotors had 60 degrees of twist. This is known as a standard helix rotor.

This design worked satisfactory for many years in street and racing applications. However, as engines and their components’ designs and construction were improved upon in the search for more power, so too did blower technology.

A standard 60˚ rotor performance will begin to flatline, and becomes less efficient at higher blower speeds. What this means is that even though you increase the overdrive and blower boost, your engine may not see the corresponding increase in horsepower. In fact the main thing that will increase is the outlet air temperature of the blower. In contrast, a high helix rotor will continue to make power at much higher blower speeds, resulting in a significant increase in the blower's performance, in both street and racing arenas.

When comparing high helix rotors to standard rotors, the design of high helix rotors provides added benefits, such as requiring less horsepower to drive, running cooler, and generating more horsepower than standard rotors at the same blower boost.

  • Helpful customer service

  • Knowledgable phone support - (208) 985-7650

  • Blower rebuilding

  • Repair services

Combined with our repair and rebuild services, we have over 30 years of knowledge and experience with building and designing superchargers and manifolds. Our knowledgable staff is equipped to help you over the phone long after buying your blower from us or almost anyone else. We also offer many services that are tailored to your needs and application.


We have the ability to do some pretty amazing things at The Blower Shop. Combined with over 30 years of experience and knowledge, we literally build boost with our machines.


We have machined bearing retainers to fit a pari of our TBS rotors into a B&M 420 blower, bringing it back to life!


Being so incredibly involved in the racing industry, we see improvements that we can provide that make it easier to get the boost that you want. The addition of a pressure valve, oil sight glass and drain plugs are just a few of the improvements we have recently made to our products.


Richard Worthington's 1968 Batmobile Camaro is one of many cars and teams who take advantage of running a TBS Blower.

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