57 TOOTH - 8MM Pulley (Polished) [#8057]


2″ Register / HTD Tooth Profile

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The Blower Shop offers a large selection of 8MM blower pulleys ranging from 43 to 64 teeth. We manufacture everything in house from billet 6061 aluminum.

Our blower pulleys are polished on the face and edges for a show quality finish. They are also stamped with the tooth count to easy identification.

Also available in satin, or a black anodized finish and can be cut down for a 2" drive. Please call for details and pricing.


To determine the proper pulley combination please see our DRIVE RATIO CHART


Most Big Block and Small Block Chevy applications on the street will typically use a drive ratio of 12% Under-Driven (58 TOP / 51 BOTTOM)


8MM is the industry standard for most roots supercharged applications. These pulleys will work with the majority 6-71 through 14-71 superchargers.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs