Small Block Chevy LARGE PORT Polished- 1V - 6-71 [#2615]

This manifold is designed for Small Block Chevy LARGE PORT applications. This complete drive kit includes all parts and drive accessories required for assembly in conjunction with the any TBS 71- Series supercharger. It features a 1V accessory pulley, so you can run one accessory off the crankshaft with this convenient, easy to assemble application. This kit is designed to fit a SHORT water pump application.

TBS 6-71 Supercharger:

*Compatible with conventional 23˚ cylinder heads, early to 1986 applications. Later years require manifold modification. *

(High Energy Ignition distributors will not fit)


  • 5.475” tall from the base of the China Wall to the top of the manifold.
  • Machined for thermostat housing
  • Pop off plate located at rear of manifold
  • Raised floor with large radius ports for better airflow resulting an increase in performance and aids in even fuel distribution
  • Polished, but offered in black cerakote or satin for an additional price.


This complete drive kit will fit your conventional headed (23 degree) Small Block Chevrolet engine and is designed for a TBS 6-71 supercharger. The 1V accessory will allow you to run one additional V style belt to run an accessory off of the crankshaft. Please note that snout length, idler pulley stand length, and pulley combinations may vary based on your engine combination, desired boost levels and blower drive alignment. This kit is designed to work with a SHORT water pump. Will fit any 71Series supercharger.   Please see photo below for drive kit and supercharger height and dimensions.

Additional information

Weight 35 lbs