Jailbreak - Brad Thompson Funny Car

jailbreak XR1 6-71 RACE CASE "Rain for Rent" Brad Thompson was 5 years old when he regularly started going to Orange County. Sleeping on an open trailer, eating track food and knowing everyone, it seems that he was destined to become a drag racer. His favorite car...

Rick Worthington | Blown Batmobile Camaro

Setup Car 1968 Camaro Engine 525ci kb/olds Blower TBS 14-71 Other High helix rotors with a 10.5" race insert 2-speed Powerglide Fuel Systems by Rex Hutchison Chassis and rear end built by Bunker race cars Links Facebook Powered by a 525ci kb/olds Full chrome moly tube...

46th Annual Boise Roadster Show

View info about the Roadster Show here: https://firebirdonline.com/events/46th-boise-roadster-show/ Show Hours: Friday Noon – 10 pm Saturday 10 am – 10 pm Sunday 10 am – 5 pm Admission: Adults: $12 6-12: $3 5 & Under: Free Expo Idaho is located at 5610 Glenwood at the...

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