Cleetus Kit!

Click below to purchase the same kit that Cleetus used on his Camaro, Toast. The individual products that we sent him are listed below.

Visit Cleetus' YouTube channel and follow along as he builds Toast!

If you know Cleetus McFarland, then you know that Cleetus is all about 'MERICA he loves his 'MERICAN made Chevrolets, high class double wides, race cars, and fishing! If you don't know Cleetus, then go check out his YouTube channel! Cleetus wanted some serious power so he contacted The Blower Shop and got one of our 10-71 blowers along with some off-the-shelf parts here at The Blower Shop, and we shipped him a kit that fit for his big block, 632 powered Camaro. Visit Cleetus' YouTube channel and hold on tight as he burns his tires to the ground!

We are excited to offer you the same kit that Cleetus has for his BB Camaro! Please call 208-985-7650 to order the kit for your application.


Click here to order the Cleetus Kit!