Our XR-1 Series Race Blower  was born out of necessity for a purpose built, race only supercharger.  It was developed with over 30 years of experience in the blower business.  With extensive testing on our own in-house Blower Dyno, we were able to test rotor profiles, blower openings, and specific case modifications.  This in-house testing  allowed for a more controlled environment that was not influenced by multiple variables, such as track conditions, weather,  and tuning  or chassis issues.   Not only were we able to enhance the performance but also document specific blower characteristics useful in the demanding world of blown alcohol and blown fuel Drag Racing.  This test data was then validated in real world conditions by on track testing through our experienced and knowledgeable customer base. This collaboration of data allowed us to come up with a supercharger design that was not only stronger, more efficient, and tunable but also offered better repeatability than a conventional race blower.  Our XR-1 Series Race Blowers  are  available in 6-71, 8-71, and 14-71 sizes.

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With the understanding that all race applications and engine combinations are different, it  is not a "one blower fits all" industry anymore.  In the early years, blowers were being custom built for specific applications.  This process was not only expensive but also time consuming.  With this understanding,  TBS found the need for interchangeable inserts to allow for easy customization of the inlet opening of the supercharger.  Incorporated into all TBS Race Blowers, the use of a TBS Insert now allows you to tailor your blower boost to your specific application.  By changing the inlet opening of the supercharger, it allows you to better match blower boost to the fuel curve or track conditions.  The larger openings will result in higher boost and efficiency at higher RPMs.  Meanwhile, the smaller openings will result in increased boost down low, but will start to restrict the air flow at the top end.  Now you, as the tuner/racer, have a choice on how the blower needs to work and won't be stuck on what the manufacturer feels you need.