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Introducing the TBS500 Billet Blower Intake Manifold
for Top Fuel and Fuel Funny Car applications.

The TBS500 Manifold is track tested and proven to reduce the
risk of oil escaping from the engine during an intake explosion.
The upper portion of the manifold is the core of the
assembly to which the blower and fuel systems are mounted.
The upper assembly is fastened to the manifold bottom
using blower studs. These studs are designed to fail
in the event of an intake explosion, thus dissipating the energy
of the explosion at a lower pressure and reducing the damage.

Time and time again Cast Manifolds, when exposed to an
intake explosion have proven to fragment and
send debris flying. When these failures occur more
often then not it also exposes the engine valley which
can release oil and fuel vapors causing fires. The combination
of Billet Aluminum and the 2 piece design have proven to
resolve these Safety issues.

Standard TBS 500 weights in at 32 pounds whereas the lightweight model is 29lbs.

For proof of the efficiency, here is world record holder Eddie Knox and his hydro boat the "Problem Child"


This design is intended to improve safety by using billet Aluminum. The innovative 2 piece configuration also expands the manifold burst area to a massive 130 square inches, more than 4 times the current design. This increased area creates the largest Supercharger Pressure Relief Assembly on the market today.


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Weight 29 lbs

TBS 500 Manifold, TBS 500 Light Weight