"Rain for Rent"

Brad Thompson was 5 years old when he regularly started going to Orange County. Sleeping on an open trailer, eating track food and knowing everyone, it seems that he was destined to become a drag racer.

His favorite car growing up was the “Rain for Rent” dragster of Warren, Coburn & Miller. One day when he was about 8, he was walking up to watch Warren and Coburn working on the engine when he accidentally kicked a small stone against a body panel; frozen in place, his idols stood tall, looking down at him briefly before returning to their work. No, it wasn’t a big deal, but Brad was a wreck. After all, these guys were champions!

As time went on, Brad bought a ’67 El Camino and started driving when he was only 15. He had a lot of fun in that car but once he was legal, he became more focused on drag racing and started Bracket Racing. He became fairly successful at it winning 3 track championships and many titles including a Super Pro and Pro win on the same day.

Brad uses a
TBS XR-1 6-71 Blower